Region Chair Co-Chair Ofsted Rep Steering Group Meeting Open Regional Meetings
East Midlands Kala Patel Nadine FarringtonAndrew Clifford Louise Soden 28/1/2017
East of England Linda Baston-Pitt Ruth Pimentel Sean Harford  26/1/2017
London June O’Sullivan Catriona Nason Debbie Jones
North East Karen Veitch Jo Verill Nick Hudson
North West Jennie Johnson Rachel Buckler Jo Morgan  18/3/2017
South East Sarah Mackenzie Kate Peach Sir Robin Bosher
South West Nicola Lambourne Mandy RichardsonEllie Frake Lorna Fitzjohn
Yorkshire & Humber David Ball Ken McArthur Nick Hudson
West Midlands Nazma Meah Bianca Johnson Sue Crawford 10/3/2017

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