We were inspected on 23rd August and received a ‘Good’ outcome.  Three weeks later we had a brought forward inspection (we offered a child milk that was milk intolerant, we had the correct paperwork but it was overlooked on this occasion the first time in 11 years of operating)


The inspector told us at feed back, “You are a good nursery you are not inadequate and I’m going to keep you at that”.   Three weeks later it was our EYIO that contacted us to tell us we were ‘Inadequate’ it had been changed at QI stage, we were flabbergasted.  Our funding was stopped for new children.


We complained but it was not upheld.


Ofsted’s monitoring guidance said we should have received a monitoring visit with in 24 hrs of the actionable date because it was a welfare action and a second with in three months of the inspection.  We haven’t had either.


If we don’t have an inspection by March to raise our outcome our local authority will pull all our funded children out although we still have a Good (2) for the learning element but a 4 for the management and welfare.


The nearest nursery to us is 2.4 miles away how can that possibly be in the best interests of the two year funded children?!   AND 3 & 4yr old funded children  – plus working parents –  to have to travel with our without a car to access nursery care?


Deborah,  Merseybank Nursery

2 Responses to My Ofsted Story

  • I am not in the least surprised and sad for you, your business and all the children who you are unable to provide a great childcare for. Let alone all the Grant children who are forced to move settings & carers with no continuity (upheld critical to young children even by Ofsted who grant Variations to facilitate continuity of childcare ! Ho! Ho! Ho!

    When will this Ofsted unfair and against Human Rights stop against Childcare Providers ? When there are no Teachers and No Early Years childcare settings left ? WELL it shall not be long then, 2 years tops!

    Third world countries must be laughing their assess off at the UK, preaching about Human Rights and not looking in their own back yard.?

    My own complaint is that Ofsted Inspectors can now diagnose a child with Asthma 🙂 YES they can and, one month after a coughing episode, and from the Inspectors Desk and with childs Medical history nor being a Doctor !

    The latter is so darned ridiculous it is almost unbelievable … but its true. I am past Step 3 (Ofsted only SCRUTINISE the report and the EYR Inspection – Evidence Report both full of lies, lies and darned lies made up by the Inspector ! and with Ofsted having the childs GPs report of No Asthma and GPs seeing him on the day, an hour after the coughing.

    None of us shall get justice, it cannot exist when Ofsted does ! We best get used to it or get out.

  • sorry should read
    … with NO CHILDS medical history nor being a Doctor ! can you edit please ?

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