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Whilst the outcomes were eventually good (good with O/S features) the inspector very clearly demonstrated discrepancies.

The same inspector inspected my friend on the Friday afternoon and then me first thing Monday morning – we work extremely closely together, very similar views and ethos – she told my friend L that learning journals were not necessary once the child was at school and she was happy with L’s scrapbook (L also minded my school age son at that time) approach – which was my approach yet told me this was not adequate.

The inspector said that I was not comprehensive enough in my linking to EYFS – yet L did no actual linking – just 3/4 lines of brief obs and a picture.

I did challenge her on what she had told my friend compared to what she was telling me and she told me that we both should not be comparing reports and what has been said (My friend L very deservedly gained an Outstanding).

She demanded my car insurance documents that I did not have to hand as my husband had them as he was taxing the car – she wrote in my report that I did not have paperwork when requested.

Despite me having fully RA’d and advice from a fire safety officer and the fatally flawed website she was not happy about me not using plug socket covers and put in my report that I endangered children – only ONE socket in the whole of my downstairs was visible but reachable by a child. My friend L does not use socket covers or cupboard catches either.

I was at that time caring for two children via the 2yr old scheme – both of whom had some severe delays and behavioural problems – they had only been with me a few weeks and were not ‘established’ with me – due to their background(s) neither were ‘foodie’ children and were particularly fussy and would only eat things like hotdogs and beans – DESPITE me explaining to the inspector that due to their background they were not used to a variety of non-processed foods and I was slowly introducing ‘healthy food’s and supporting parents’ – she wrote in my report – healthy food options not given. She also saw my menu’s for other children – which was extensively healthy and nutritionally balanced.

After she gave me my outcome – she then commented – that ‘due to the children I had in my care’ (and indicated the two children who were struggling with her presence) – she could not award me an Outstanding and on any other day she probably would have done with different children. (at this point my husband walked in and told her that was extremely wrong and unfair to which she just shrugged and more or less ignored him)

I would prefer that I remain anonymous please

We were recently inspected and our grade was dropped from good to satisfactory. I feel very saddened by as the reasoning behind this they said they had received a complaint in November 2012 but only acted on it at the end of June 2013. We have never had any complaints made against us in the 20 yrs of operation. I was out of the country at the time and spoke with the inspector via my phone.  She gave mixed reasons too and I only found this once I was back. When we received the paper report back, I was shocked to find such bad spelling mistakes and bad grammar throughout the report.  Some sentences left mid sentence and capital letters in the middle of a sentence.

So as you can imagine how upset and angry I was –  plus the fact I had a huge phone bill!  Ofsted should be an organisation we have trust in…….. But I’m not so sure now!

Many thanks,

Natasha (Manager of BunnyHops)

Hi Catriona

We were subject to a complaint driven inspection last year. The complaint was found to be spurious, possibly emananting from a former disgruntled member of staff. The chronology is as follows:

10th October 2012 – downgraded from Good to Inadequate, triggering an immediate appeal on 29 grounds including failure to inspect one of the classrooms, numbers of registered children incorrect (their report stated 140, actual number was 99) etc…

Copy of report promised by inspector within 5 days – did not turn up for three weeks and was factually incorrect.

Action Plan issued by nursery within a week of inspection and sent to Ofsted.

Action plan fully implemented and complete within 6 weeks of inspection – re-inspection requested, the first of many such requests including from local MP. All such requests denied to date.

Appeal procedure runs its course but turns out to be bureaucratic whitewash – only 4 grounds upheld (those of undeniable fact and degree). Any subjective criticism thrown out. Apologies issued by Ofsted for various errors on their part and report on Ofsted website altered.

18th April Ofsted write to nursery and accuse us of not submitting an action plan. I respond by stating that if that is the case they are not following their own published guidelines and should have inspected the nursery at 3 and 6 month intervals. Paul Trusselle, Quality Assurance Manager writes, insisting that no record of our action plan is on their database. I write back with email copies proving the contrary and demand a further apology and a full re-inspection.

Various emails are exchanged, Mr Trusselle still refuses a re-inspection. I write to Sue Gregory outlining various forms of ineptitude, the myopic nature of their policies etc and eventually receive a grudging apology from Trusselle – but still a refusal to re-inspect.

Elizabeth Truss gets involved and, whilst confessing she has no influence over Ofsted (!), suggests I request a paid inspection – this is denied, as per the email thread attached.

Throughout this entire process, our parents have been 100% supportive (see our website www.winchcombefarmdaynursery.co.uk and press the testimonials link), but our web-based bookings have dropped by 90%. I have had to make five highly valued members of staff redundant as a result and I hold Ofsted directly responsible. The nursery is now teetering on the financial brink, having lost £70k since the inspection, during which time I have been paying for the kid’s food for the last 6 months on my personal credit card!!

Trust this give you a flavour.



Ps forgot to mention – had a stress-induced heart attack in January as a result…!

Steve Taylor
Owner/Managing Director

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