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Hi Catriona

We are a pdn. We were inspected in August. We were happy with the inspector she told us she had over 30 years experience in childcare . From managing a pdn , surestarts, working for early years at local authority & at Ofsted. On the day she gave a judgement of good with outstanding features & said we should get outstanding next time; but could not tell us why we didn’t get outstanding this time. The inspector had no actions & no recommendations for our setting. She asked the manager did she have a recommendation that the inspector could take away with her, as she has to go back with something, she said that even outstanding nurseries must have a recommendation to show that they are reflecting on practice. However 10 days after inspection ‘prospect ‘ telephoned us to say that they are dropping us to a satisfactory judgement. We are absolutely flabbergasted !!!

We are currently appealing & have sent all of our evidence to back up the appeal. Do fingers crossed. We will update you with the outcome.

Dear all

We attended the Ofstedbigconversation in Manchester at Kids Allowed last weekend.  We had confirmed our attendance and were interested in supporting this movement prior to unfortunately experiencing our own Ofsted inspection nightmare nearly three weeks ago.

We submitted our complaint to Ofsted and Prospects this week.  We are still awaiting our report and have had a number of conversations with Ofsted and Prospects about how best to complain, whether or not to await our report or complain immediately about the conduct of our inspection itself.  We have had conflicting advice from Ofsted and Prospects and the conversations need to be heard to be believed.  One contradiction after another, it has been impossible to assess who has been giving us the correct advice and who hasn’t.

We are objecting to the conduct of the inspector herself (lacking in integrity, professionalism and courtesy) as well as the manner in which the inspector carried out the inspection (completely focussed on the concern, gathered evidence from the wrong room, acknowledged she hadn’t carried out a full inspection, didn’t visit certain rooms at all and made illogical and nonsensical remarks about management strategy).  We have also requested the withholding of publication of the report given that we feel these issues constitute ‘exceptional circumstances’. 

We have little hope of success but intend to pursue the matter as far as possible, and involve ICASO if necessary.

We are shocked at the powerlessness we feel in the face of unfair treatment from Ofsted.  This is a new state of affairs, we operate a family business of four (prior to this inspection all rated Outstanding) settings and we have been in childcare for 23 years.  We have previously always felt fairly treated by Ofsted, and felt that we’ve been able to work in partnership with them.  We do not understand what has changed and reject the new regime, particularly in relation to the investigation of complaints. 

We hope that Ofsted and the government are listening to the combined voices of early years operators, and that we will see some change. 

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